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Being in the middle of a legal dispute can be frustrating and overwhelming. Hiring a litigation attorney will give you a better shot at getting a favorable outcome in the courtroom. Residents in Columbia, SC turn to the Law Office of Patrick C. Sharpe LLC for effective legal representation. Whether you’re involved in a personal injury lawsuit or a contract dispute, attorney Sharpe will work tirelessly on your case.

The sooner you reach out to attorney Sharpe, the sooner he can start working on your case. Call now to schedule a consultation with a litigation attorney in Columbia, SC.

What Is General Litigation?

The phrase “general civil litigation” refers to lawsuits dealing with whether or not one party will pay money to another party.

A litigation lawyer can help with a broad range of different legal matters including:

  • employment law
  • contract disputes
  • landlord/tenant cases

If you’re considering bringing a lawsuit, it’s important that you find the right litigation attorney to represent your interests.

A skilled South Carolina litigation lawyer understands complex legal matters, and can advise you of your rights in different scenarios depending on the type of case that has been filed against you or which you are filing.

Filing A Litigation Claim In South Carolina

A plaintiff begins a lawsuit by filing a complaint. The complaint will explain the jurisdiction, the venue, claims or counts (ex: breach of contract or negligence), and damages in a case. The complaint can also request for a jury if the plaintiff wants a jury trial. Where the complaint is filed depends on the dollar amount of the claimed damages, the type of claims, and where the parties live or have business.

Your civil lawyer has the knowledge necessary and can be sure that you comply with all court rules and ensure you do not miss important deadlines that could have serious financial implications for you. The rules and deadlines in litigation vary in every case and depend upon which court has jurisdiction over the lawsuit, which judge is assigned to your case, what types of parties are involved in the case, and the claims that are at stake.

Attorney Sharpe Is Prepared To Resolve Your Contract Disputes

Are you a contractor who didn’t get paid after you finished the job? Did a business partner violate the terms of your agreement? You need a contract dispute attorney in your corner. Attorney Sharpe can assist clients with legal situations involving:

  • Breaches of contract
  • Business tort disputes
  • Construction contract disputes
  • Noncompete agreement disputes
  • Purchase agreement disputes

You shouldn’t suffer financial losses because of someone else’s broken promises. Make an appointment with a civil lawyer today.

How A General Litigation Lawyer Can Help

A general litigation lawyer will research all sides of the issue and provide information that may be helpful to your case. Conflicts may arise when several parties are involved in a dispute. A general litigation lawyer can help to mediate these issues. They will contact all parties involved in the suit and try to negotiate an agreement that benefits everyone.

Some cases may never make it to trial. Your civil lawyer may be able to help negotiate a settlement agreement between all parties involved. If both sides are open to this option, they can present their best settlement offer to the presiding judge. The judge will then review it and make a ruling.

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