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An emotional dispute with a romantic partner or family member can escalate quickly and lead to domestic violence accusations. These accusations are difficult to shake and can significantly affect your life if you're convicted. Residents in Columbia, SC turn to the Law Office of Patrick C. Sharpe LLC when they're facing domestic violence charges.

Attorney Sharpe has a proven track record of helping clients navigate the legal process. As a former prosecutor and public defender, he has insight into both sides of the court system. Call now to make an appointment with a domestic violence attorney in Columbia, SC.

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What is Assault and Battery?

While you can have both assault charges and battery charges filed against you, South Carolina also has four classifications of assault and battery. You can be charged with assault and battery if...

  • You injure someone

  • You attempt to injure someone

  • You threaten to injure someone

Your charges may be more serious depending on the extent of the victim's injuries. To get more information about your charges, contact attorney Sharpe.